Mielikuvituksia is a Finnish illustration and design brand. Mielikuvituksia is colourful, full of character, warm-hearted and fun. We are Anna Vento and Katariina Kähkönen, the driving force behind Mielikuvituksia, and we create our illustrations with enthusiasm and in good humour.

Ecological and ethical aspects - as well as creating a good vibe - are an integral part of our world and our endeavours. With our illustrations, we wish to tell you stories and inspire you. Current themes and phenomena are often reflected in our illustrations, cartoons, characters and the events organized by us.

Katariina & Anna

Illustration services:

unique illustration to fit your individual needs! Our clients include businesses, organizations and individual clients.

We offer a wide range of illustrations and desings from invitations, greeting cards, flyers, brochures, book and magazine illustrations, business cards, tattoos, logos, gift certificates, website layouts, over-all looks for companies, and much, much more.

We can also supply you with unique invitations and other printables for your party! Our party invitation templates can be customised to suit your needs, and they are available in several different colour schemes.
All invitations, programmes, menus and place cards can be mixed and matched as needed. You can also commission us for a completely individual set of invitations with a theme of your choice. Greeting cards, posters and other printables illustrated with our designs are also available. Feel free to contact us for more information!
Mielikuvituksia™ products:

Mielikuvituksia products consist mainly of printed stationery and textiles, such as clothes, accessories, sachets, kitchen towels, greeting cards and posters.The whimsical characters Tyypit appear on most of our products.

Our clothing line and accessories are made from ecologically and ethically produced organic cotton. Textiles are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.The Oeko-Tex 100 certificate guarantees an environmentally safe production as well as the safety of both the fabric and the dyes used in the manufacturing process. The primary source of energy used in the making of Oeko-Tex 100 certified products comes from wind power. The carbon footprint of the textiles is an estimated one tenth of the carbon footprint left by average textiles.
The Characters - Tyypit

Mielikuvituksia characters, Tyypit, are a key part of our world and business. Tyypit are cute and quirky animal characters, each with their own unique personality. Tyypit reflect our values, characteristics and interests. Each of the characters represents a little piece of us and the people close to us. We hope that others, too,can connect with our characters and find pieces of themselves or their loved ones in them. An ecological and ethical lifestyle, respect for nature, as well as a the dream of living in a just world where all creatures can live in harmony, are values that all our characters have in common.


is a reflective creature, who finds that taking good care of world is very important. Armas is interested in ecological lifestyles, wellness and self-development. Despite a passionate and resolute persona, Armas is also thoughtful and caring. Despite being a solitary soul, Armas finds spending time with friends and family very important.

Armas likes good food, hiking and daily routines. Armas appreciates the simple pleasures of everyday life and loves rain, the scent of the ocean and the cozy dusk of fall.


Aatos is a reflective and warm-hearted little dog, who enjoys spending time in good company. Aatos is family-oriented and deeply attached to his family and closest friends. Aatos is slightly reserved with new people and willingly takes the observers part. Despite being a dreamer, Aatos is also alert and can be temperamental if necessary.

Aatos loves slow mornings when it's okay to sleep in. Aatos is often bothered by an inexplicable longing for something unknown.


is a wise, patient and kind-hearted owl, whose life experience makes him the owl others turn to when they are     in need of advice or encouragement. Our slightly whimsical and humorous owl friend is also open minded and tolerant.

Untamo loves baking cookies,but every once in a while the absent-minded Untamo's kitchen is the site of small flour-based baking disasters.Untamo frequently invites his friends over for cookies and tea.


Kauno is a social, lively and active persona. Kauno enjoys living in a community, but he also cherishes having some quiet time to himself. Kauno is a poetic soul and a peaceful romantic who enjoys reading good books. Our little friend balances his hectic communal life with yoga and meditation. One of Kaunos favorite things in life is eating delicious vegetarian foods in good company.


Into is cheerful, energetic and active. This social and chatty giraffe likes parties and rhytmic music. Into also likes to travel and explore new places. This optimistic giraffe always wakes up eager to face a new day, and believes that life's difficulties only make you stronger. Into's dream is to live in a just and peaceful world, where all creatures live in harmony and respect each other.

is named after the writer Astrid Lindgren, who is greatly admired by her parents and by Astrid herself. She is energetic, saucy and independent. She has a lively social life and a lot of friends. Astrid, however, needs her own space and is happy living by herself. This lady-hedgehog of a mature age spends a lot of her time in different cultural events.


Art and literature are close to her heart. Comics and illustrated books are her passion. Astrid supports the peace cause and liberal thinking. 60's and 70's style and music appeal to her. Astrid and her friends organize gatherings where they sing popular folk songs from the 60's, accompanied by guitar.

Sir Manuel Dente

Sir Manuel Dente is a strong-willed fox who wants to be seen and heard. This resolute, ambitious and opinionated fox finds delays, uncertainty and lack of order irritating. Manuel used to be a drama queen with a quick temper. Today Manuel  is able to remain calm in most situations. There is still a small diva in Manuel, but luckily that side of him rarely comes out.  "My name is Italian, so there must be a hint of Italian temper in me, too", thinks Manuel.

Manuel's hobbies include spray painting, traveling and intensive dental care. Having sparkling white teeth is  important to Manuel. Manuel's  favorite trip was an interrail journey with Pukki Johan. Manuel loves Barcelona. Manuel also loves music and dancing. Sometimes Manuel puts on a performance that includes theatrical dancing and singing while listening to music of Barbra, Liza and Freddie.

Motto: Be brave. Always be yourself, no matter what! Reach for your dreams and never lose your confidence. Remember that You are Fabulous!


is a solitary soul. Ruben's lifestyle is both calm and leisurely, and he keeps his life simple and comfortable. Ruben is very intelligent. He is interested in philosophy and literature.Ruben usually sleeps late and wakes sometime in the afternoons. First he puts his slippers on. Then he  drinks a cup of strong tea while sitting comfortably in his old armchair, placed in front of the fireplace.

Every evening at eight o'clock his owl friend Untamo arrives. They often spend hours having profound  conversations but they also enjoy each other's company in silence. Sometimes words are not needed. The presence of a friend is enough.


Pukki Johan
likes hiking and traveling. He loves to photograph nature and landscapes and he always has his camera in his backpack. While backpacking, Johan always makes sure to write long letters to his wife - whom he takes good care of when he's at home.

Pukki Johan is calm but playfull and social. When he gets excited about something, he donates a lot of energy time and effort to his object of interest. Sometimes Pukki Johan gets so caught up in his new hobbies that he completely loses track of time!


Tyyne is perky, cheerful and very social. The always energetic Tyyne is a practical and convenient hostess to her friends. She likes household chores and baking. The gentle and motherly Tyyne has seven little piglets. Tyyne is actively involved in community activities, and likes organizing various events and festivities with her friends.


Svante is open-minded and cheerful, and he likes to be the center of attention. This elephant is slightly naive, which is why he's sometimes easily tricked. Svante is very talkative, social and great company. He keeps close contact with his large family and wide circle of friends. Svante loves to organize festivities. He is an excellent host and a natural entertainer. Svante's beloved hobby is show dancing.  He is interested in fashion and design. The international Svante enjoys traveling and speaks several languages fluently. He is also actively involved in charity.


Valdemar is a sensitive and intuitive little rabbit. This emotional rabbit responds strongly to all events. Large crowds make Valdemar nervous and the little rabbit willingly takes the part of an observer. Despite the shyness, Valdemar enjoys company.  Valdemar  is able to loosen up and be social in a small group of people. The energetic rabbit likes to spend time outside in the fresh air running, hopping and gardening.

The Queen Monkey Eeva loves the sun and light. When the first rays of early spring sunshine arrive north, Eeva will lay in the snow to sunbathe. This active monkey loves nature and enjoys swimming and playing in the water. Eeva is a humorous, childlike and playful persona. Eeva is also extremely curious. Her home is full of a variety of rare finds and treasures, which she does not want to give up. Eeva makes decisions with caution and does not like changes. She is very loving and caring mother, who is willing to do everything for the sake of her cub's well-being and happiness.